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World-Renowned Tech and Blockchain Investor, Joins Darico’s Board of Advisers

February 1, 2018

As it launches its ICO, Darico, the gateway to cryptocurrency investment, is announcing the appointment of world-renowned crowdfunding expert, technology and blockchain investor, David Drake, to its Board of Advisers.

Mr. Drake is well known for his 25 year-long involvement in technology, media, telecoms, realty, hospitality, cleantech, energy and social impact investments. LDJ Capital Special Situations partners have invested $100 Million in Alibaba and Palantir and continues with its NYC partner at McCarter & English to place $500M in pre-IPO companies such as Lyft, N3N, Klarna, Dianrong, Truecaller, Crowdfunder, MagicLeap, DropBox.

Crowdfunding expertise

David Drake is a crowdfunding expert and an advocate of digital automation, investing in private equity, compliance, capital formation policies and a promoter of the US JOBS Act, a law which is aimed at making it easier for small businesses in the US to find investment.

His leading work in this space led to him representing the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome in 2012, and an invitation to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C. as well as an opportunity to speak at the UK Parliament in 2013.

As Darico undertakes its ICO, the appointment of someone with such extensive knowledge and expertise in both the funding of new businesses and blockchain technology is an enormous boost and a signal of its potential success.

An appointment that speaks volumes

“We’re delighted and humbled to welcome David to Darico’s Board of Advisers,” said Mojtaba Asadian, CEO and Founder of Darico.

“David’s acceptance of a position on the board, speaks volumes for Darico’s potential as an investment ecosystem that will open up the world of cryptocurrency investment for all.

“His expertise will be a great help as we work towards a successful ICO and negotiate the many regulatory hurdles that are a fact of doing business on the world stage. The entire Darico team and I are looking forward to working with David and ensuring Darico is a great success.”

A platform for growth

In the world of crypto investment and blockchain business, David Drake is a giant whose experience and expertise will play an invaluable role in guiding Darico to long term success.

“I’m looking forward to working with Mojtaba and his team, who have already impressed me with their identification of the deficiencies of today’s cryptocurrency investment environment,” said David Drake.

“Their solution, which is to build a coherent and integrated ecosystem, much like Bloomberg’s role in the mainstream investment world, is much needed and will give investors the tools they need to invest in blockchain businesses with confidence.”

“As Darico moves through its ICO phase, my expertise in business funding, compliance and investment will be available to the Darico team and will, I hope, give potential investors even greater confidence in the very positive outlook for Darico.”

The Darico ICO is now open. More information can be found at