January 3 2018USEFUL ADVICE

Why Diamonds attract the Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital to the CEDEX Advisory Board

  • CEDEX, the world’s first certified blockchain based diamond exchange, is pleased to announce the addition of David Drake to their advisory board. David is the Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office with various funds around the globe totally over US $1.5 trillion in assets.

    David first became involved in the cryptocurrency space in 2011 when he collaborated on the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act that established the laws underlying startup fundraising in the United States for all ICOs. Since then, he has been active as a prominent advisor and speaker in the crypto community. To date, blockchain based companies advised by David have raised over US $100 million through

    The timing of this addition couldn’t be better for CEDEX, as they will be launching a token pre-sale on January 12th of 2018. With ICO regulations evolving rapidly around the world, David’s expertise in crowdfunding will be invaluable to CEDEX moving forward.

    One of the most important features of cryptocurrencies is that they can democratize investment, and David was one of the first people to recognize that potential. In the last several years, he has leveraged his knowledge of the regulatory landscape and his relationships with prominent regulatory bodies to help more than 15 blockchain-based companies carry out successful ICOs.

    The CEDEX coin token pre-sale is a particularly exciting venture, as an investment in CEDEX coin in an investment in the future of diamonds as a newly tradable asset.

    About David Drake

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    David Drake is the Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals with various funds worldwide with over $1.5 trillion in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners.

    More recently, Mr. Drake is also seen as a leader in cryptocurrency. Mr. Drake saw the value of digital assets when everyone was avoiding it. It all started in 2011 when Mr. Drake collaborated on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the
    U.S. for all ICOs. His crypto hedge funds hold crypto, ICOs, and fintech equity as seed investments to help new coin to be made via ICOs. His company also offers bridge financing to seed upcoming ICO’s.

    Mr. Drake was born in Sweden and is fluent in six languages. He holds an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University in DC where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit


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    CEDEX is the first ever Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange.

    CEDEX.com is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets.

    Through CEDEX’s innovative machine learning algorithm, the DEX, it will be possible to establish standardized and transparent pricing for non-fungible diamonds. This in turn will help to unlock the potential of diamonds as a tradeable financial asset. The DEX will be used to give general investors confidence to buy and sell diamonds without the industry specific know-how that was necessary before.

    CEDEX coin is an ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain, and it will help to make the CEDEX exchange secure and decentralized. CEDEX coin will facilitate all transactions on the exchange, from buying and selling diamond smart contracts to paying for services such as transportation and insurance for the diamonds themselves.

    The CEDEX project was founded by a team of professionals in technology (trading platforms and pricing engines), financial markets, and the diamond industry.