URAllowance Gets LDJCapital Chairman On Advisory Board

URAllowance Welcomes Blockchain Influencer David Drake to its Advisory Board as it Aims to Reach New Generation of Users
URAllowance (pronounced Your Allowance), the social family platform incentivized by cryptocurrency, welcomes the highly regarded blockchain leader and media influencer David Drake to a new advisory role.
David Drake has an expansive foundation of success to stand on as the founder of LDJ Capital, and numerous family-office projects including Victoria Partners and The Soho Loft Media Group. David recently rose to the highest ranked member on the popular Initial Coin Offering community website, ICO Bench.

David has a strong reputation in the crypto-community as a thought leader, a veteran of blockchain, and a bitcoin pioneer. Aside from his ever growing list of achievements in the world of blockchain, David has also been known to get playful in between meetings. This was demonstrated in a
one minute clip David shared with his Linkedin audience when he passed a group of potted shrubs and leafy trees on his way to a meeting somewhere in New York. Pausing at the sight of the foliage amongst the concrete and city buzz, he joked about being in the rainforest while smiling and posing for a selfie, a hint of mischief detectable, before chuckling and proceeding to his next destination.

This humorous side of David Drake is well suited as an advisor to the team at URAllowance, because a large focus of the URAllowance business will be based on what appeals to families with children.

"URAllowance had the brilliance to integrate traditional family sensibilities with new technologies, such as smart contracts and blockchain. As more companies accept cryptocurrency's staying power, I am delighted to be a part of the team that will introduce smart contracts to the next generation of users." David Drake, Founder and Chairman, LDJ Capital

"David is introducing us to the money of the world."
Chris Butler, President & Co-Founder of URAllowance, LLC

"We are glad that David's vision for blockchain and crypto is the same as ours. We look forward to this alliance." Michael Martin, CEO & Co-Founder of URAllowance, LLC

URAllowance introduces a concept called Family-Smart Contracts that intends to teach families financial responsibility and the value of what is earned. A Family-Smart Contract utilizes cryptocurrency in a real-world application of blockchain technology.

Launch Date For URA Token Sale round 1 will be April 28th 2018, and will continue through May 30 and round 2 begins June 01, 2018 and ends June 30th. The round 1 incentive bonus will be announced, soon. Registration date to be announced.

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