January 16, 2018USEFUL ADVICE

TriForce Tokens Blockchain Gaming Welcomes LDJCapital Chairman to Advisory Board

  • Blockchain-powered gaming platform TriForce Tokens is pleased to bring on board LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake as an advisor, strengthening its bid to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry with proven venture capital expertise.

    TriForce Tokens has reached yet another significant milestone in recognition and acceptance, with renowned venture capitalist David Drake joining the team as an advisor. Already supported by established academia in the form of Coventry University and gaining formal legitimization through the backing of the UK government’s Innovate UK, TriForce Tokens is well positioned to make the necessary moves in the gaming industry.

    With this latest development, TriForce Tokens stands to leverage on Drake’s vast experience in managing and leading efforts across a variety of funds including realty, VC and hedge funds, for which he has acted as GP and LP investor with partners. He maintains unique access to 100,000 investors through The Soho Loft Media Group, which has been producing and sponsoring over a thousand finance conference for over 15 years, partnering with media leaders such as Thomson Reuters and sponsors from Nasdaq and NYSE.

    Drake chairs the NY-based multi-family office LDJ Capital which has more than 50 global directors and maintains relations with institutions and family offices that manage assets worth $1.5 trillion.

    David Drake is considered as a founding father of crowdsourcing in the US, having founded the US Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and US CrowdFunding Professional Association (CfPA).

    He joins TriForce Token’s growing advisory of gaming, blockchain and computer security experts that already includes individuals such as Vadim Bulatov, a marketing lead and games industry veteran with an impressive portfolio that includes World of Warships and Master of Orion.

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    David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital.

    “TriForce Tokens have big ambitions to shake up the gaming industry with the introduction of unique strategies to harmonize the games community. I recognise the exceptional aspects that this project is introducing to the industry and with its strong backing from the business division of a globally-recognised University in the UK plus the advisory team, it is a serious contender for this space. We look forward to helping this project grow and the team to realise their vision.” – David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital.

    Strategic Industry Partnerships

    TriForce Tokens continues to grow from strength to strength, not only with its technological development and product, but in its efforts on the business and commercial aspects of the company. Its intention to revolutionize online gaming through blockchain innovation is underlined by its partnerships with some of the industry’s most recognized advocates.

    It has gained full membership of trade association, games and publisher network, TIGA, in the UK, and is a corporate member of Swiss-based
    Crypto Valley Association.

    Triforce Tokens’ partnership with Coventry University Enterprises Ltd also ensures corporate and business viability, as it pursues an IP audit on technology and brand with the UK government’s Innovate UK.

    About Triforce Tokens

    TriForce Tokens represents a real chance of becoming integral to tomorrow’s gaming industry by centering its relevance to the online gaming community development, focusing on the very real needs of developers, publishers and gamers, tackling directly their many concerns and challenges.

    Indie developers can look forward to a rapid deployment of features such as tournaments, P2P trading and peer ranking on any game with any platform. Its FORCE tokens native to the platform seeks to harmonize digital wealth across platforms, meaning that users need not replace existing revenue models. FORCE tokens can be traded with other users or earned and given as rewards for completing tasks and winning competitions, or as self-determined fees for P2P transactions.

    Thanks to blockchain transparency, FORCE tokens will foster communities that are more satisfied, safer and practise better ethical values, encouraged by a unique honour system that rewards collaboration. Blockchain authentication will also mean that publishers regain lost revenue from piracy.

    Player retention is addressed through developer access of deep player insights provided by big data and behavioural analysis, allowing them to always provide players with unique and new experiences.

    The Team

    TriForce Tokens is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including corporate management, online gaming, computer security and blockchain development.

    Some of its key team members include:

    Pete Mardell, CEO
    Mardell established himself as a strong engineering professional with his work on a range of technical web applications when he was Head of Development for a recruitment agency in the UK. An avid gamer, Mardell is also a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast.
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/petemardell/

    Raza Ahmed, CTO
    Ahmed has vast experience as a Senior Full Stack Web Developer and qualified blockchain developer, with expertise in Solidity (Ethereum), Javascript, SQL, Node.js, and AngularJS, among others. An MSc holder in Software Development, Ahmed has developed web applications for almost eight years. LinkedIn:

    Dr Nazaraf Shah, PhD Research Engineer
    An associate professor at Coventry University’s Faculty Research Centre for Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Dr Shah currently lectures in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security.
    Profile: https://pureportal.coventry.ac.uk/en/persons/nazaraf-shah/

    Jakub Kafarski, Front-end Engineer
    Kafarski has worked on front-end engineering for the likes of Noveo, Madkom and Ericsson across Poland, UK and Sweden. He is skilled at JavaScript, React, Redux and Node.js and is a member of Mensa. LinkedIn:

    Sorina Rusu, System Developer
    Rusu is a passionate developer with extensive experience in PHP and Node.js. Her good organization skills and dedication has been key to her successes with consulting and tech firms in Romania as well in the UK. LinkedIn:

    Jacob Ashby, General Manager
    Ashby’s enthusiasm for learning led him to hone his leadership skills and business acumen at University of Westminster. His current role takes advantage of his experience in working with customer and client support. LinkedIn:

    Haider Malik, Senior Full Stack Developer
    A Javascript expert, Malik also doubles as an instructor at learning academies Udemy and Fullstackhour. LinkedIn:

    Simona Patrut, Marketing
    Patrut has a strong marketing background, including a management role at Romania’s Hilmi Medical Center, where she has managed entire product marketing cycles. She is an expert at building new partnerships for strong brand awareness.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simona-elena-patrut-b4713b98/

    Mihai Bratoi, Brand Designer
    Bratoi is a Platinum Designer at UK designing firm 99designs. His work focuses on creating unique, memorable designs that responds well to customer needs for corporate needs and social media. Profile:

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