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Totally Game features the oldest CS:GO senior world champ and Twitch streamer DieHardBirdie in its new episode


Senior esports competitive player Abbe Borg talks about life, games, and whistling in this Totally Game episode

Totally Game, a YouTube channel focused on gaming content, released an episode featuring the 2019 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) senior world champion Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg. The episode offered a closer look into the life of Abbe Borg, with clips taken from his own home and from previous competitions. Best known by his nickname “DieHardBirdie,” he is considered as the oldest competitive CS:GO champion at 78 years old. “You can never be too old to play video games. Age is just a number,” Borg said.  Recently, the senior gamer streams his daily CS:GO plays under his own channel on Twitch and has his own YouTube channel as well. He mentioned that CS: GO is his favorite video game and his gaming routine consists of playing up to four hours a day, like a daily exercise especially during the lockdown period. “I stream my games on Twitch and upload them on YouTube. I want to leave something after my life, for the next generation,” he answered. “I cannot imagine living without gaming.” DieHardBirdie was a former member of Silver Snipers, a team of senior CS:GO gamers from Sweden sponsored by Lenovo. Along with his team, they went on to win the CS:GO senior tournament in the DreamHack 2019. He is now forming his own team composed of military veterans called Golden Snipers. Watch the full Totally Game episode here:

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About DieHardBirdie

Abbe Borg, best known as “DieHardBirdie,” is a Sweden-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) senior world champion at 78 years old. Before his second career as a pro gamer, Abbe was a professional artist working on metals and paper sculptures. Abbe is fond of origami and we can often find him creating interesting sculptures out of old books and crafting beautiful paper flowers for his family and friends when not video gaming. Abbe is tagged as Birdie because of his talent in mimicking bird calls and sounds by whistling with a leaf or other materials.

DieHardBirdie can be reached at moc.liamg%40eidribdraheid. He streams his gameplays on and uploads his videos on

About Totally Game

Totally Game is a brand new channel about the people who inhabit the wonderful world of gaming. Told first-hand by amazing, larger-than-life characters from across the gaming spectrum, Totally Game opens the door to the world of gaming from the perspective of those who are living it.