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Three Reasons Why ICO Projects Need to Attend Conferences

David Drake

Conferences have become regular occurrences in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a testament of the growth that is happening in the industry. These events provide a unique platform for industry players to interact and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. And as the industry growth, I have had a chance to keynote, moderate and speak in a number of these events.
Though attended by different players in the cryptocurrency platers, one of the groups that benefits most from participating in crypto-related conferences is issuers of initial coin offerings (ICOs).
Numerous ICO projects are being developed using blockchain technology already across sectors. In the social sector, ONeNetwork is using the technology to secure social interactions while URAllowance is improving family interactions using smart contracts. At the same time, BQT is enhancing cryptocurrency and hedge fund trading while BlockVest is improving portfolio management of digital assets. Also, LiveTradr is enhancing portfolio optimization and HFC Coin is solving the challenges that have rocked the mortgage industry using blockchain. Noiz Chain, Qupon, and IOU are also enhancing marketing through interactive advertising of digital coupons and e-commerce customer satisfaction.

The Benefits
With majority of ICO projects being in early stage startups, blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences provide a wide range of opportunities that could increase their chances of success. For instance, conferences can make industry experts and influencers more accessible to ICO issuers. These are persons who can play a significant role in the success of an ICO due to the experience and credibility they bring and their positions enable them to influence other stakeholders in the industry.
Though ordinarily it may be difficult to access or even reach them, blockchain or cryptocurrency conferences are interesting places to meet and interact with them. Such interactions provide opportunities for ICO owners to not only tap their knowledge but also to interest them in their projects.
At the same time, ICO owners can be able to validate their products and get feedback from experts. For investors who attend such events, seeing products that work captures their attention, even when it might still be in the testing stage as noted by Raghav Reggie Jerath, CEO at Gath3r.
According to Andy Ann, CEO at NDN Group, other than peers in the industry, potential investors also attend conferences in search of projects they can invest in and there are opportunities to explore potential partnerships on similar projects.

Aligned Goals
Though blockchain or cryptocurrency conferences present numerous benefits to attendees across board, it does not mean ICO companies should attend all conferences that take place.
Reggie is quick to advise ICO issuers to carefully evaluate the leads and networks they are likely to get in a conference before they decide to attend. In his view, it is critical to find out who will be attending and their goals for showing up to see whether they are properly aligned to what their ICO projects are about.
Disclaimer: David Drake is on the advisory board for most of the firms mentioned or quoted in this article.