Tech & Cybersecurity Team

Keith KaplanDirector of Cybersecurity, Drones, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (LA) he has the unique mix of rational and creative thought. Keith Kaplan vigorously pursued and participated in many innovative projects that push the limits of technology and how it can be used for good. Mr. Kaplan sees the integration of technology as an opportunity to further the good of mankind. He says, ” It is the responsibility of those that have the means to assure the safe and ethical integration of all technology for the betterment of mankind”. When he was 15 years old, Keith Kaplan was accepted to the California Institute of the Arts, “Cal Arts”, for Music and Composition, and the emerging study of computers for compositional
Keith Kaplan is the LDJ Capital Director of Cybersecurity, Drones, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence with 3 decades of expertise in these fields. He represented LDJ Capital interest at the Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last January 2015. He is a Co-Founder of the Tesla Foundation, and currently its CEO. Keith leads the Tesla Foundation in accomplishing its mission to create, promote, and protect Innovation as well as the steps needed to commercialize these breakthroughs via the power of research and education. The Tesla Foundation’s Initiatives are focused on connectivity, autonomy, big data, cyber security, education, commercialization, and educational events. Keith Kaplan has traveled the world talking about the integration of cyber autonomy into our everyday lives. He has been in meetings at the White House and speaks at major conferences and symposia globally. He guests in major TV and Radio stations and writes articles for major publications. He is a consultant and member of the team that creates emerging technology. He is an expert in the integration of new technology into the marketplace. As a computer scientist andCreativeprograming. He flourished in the integration of engineering and computer science in creativity. This is his life’s work.  Joe GranoCyberSecurity, ex Chair UBS (NYC, Milano & Lugano) Mr. Grano is Chairman and CEO of root9B Technologies (OTCQB:RTNB), a cybersecurity and regulatory risk mitigation company, and Chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings LLC, a company that advises private and public companies. From 2001-2004, Mr. Grano was Chairman of UBS Financial Services Inc. (formerly UBS PaineWebber). In addition to being one of the financial service industry’s leading executives, Mr. Grano is involved in a wide range of educational and philanthropic endeavors. In 2002, Mr. Grano was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He relinquished his position in August 2005. Mr. Grano joined PaineWebber in February 1988 as President of Retail Sales and Marketing, and became President of PaineWebber Group in December 1994. As President, he oversaw a series of important and dramatic restructurings at the firm, including the acquisition of Kidder, Peabody in 1995 and J.C. Bradford in 2000. Finally, Mr. Grano was instrumental in helping to bring about the merger of PaineWebber with UBS in 2000, when Mr. Grano was named President & CEO of UBS PaineWebber and the following year was named Chairman & CEO. Prior to joining PaineWebber, Mr. Grano was with Merrill Lynch for 16 years, holding various senior management positions including Director of National Sales. In 1987, he was named the industry’s best retail marketing executive in a survey conducted by Investment Dealers’ Digest. Mr. Grano was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the NASD and a member of the NASD’s Executive Committee. Before joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Grano served in the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets). He became one of the Army’s youngest officers, achieving the rank of Captain. Mr. Grano holds Honorary Doctorate of Law degrees from Pepperdine University and Babson College as well as Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees from Queens College, City University of New York and Central Connecticut State University. In addition he holds an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of New Haven. Mr. Grano served as Vice Chairman of the Queens College Foundation Board of Trustees, and was on the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Greater New York and on the Board of Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a member of the Council for the United States and Italy, a member of the City University of New York’s Business Leadership Council and a former member of the National Board of D.A.R.E. In 2012 Mr. Grano was honored at the NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation and he also received the Quiet Professional Award from the Green Beret Foundation for his patriotic contributions to our country. In 2004 Mr. Grano received the Sons of Italy Foundation National Education & Leadership Award. In October 2002 he received the Corporate Leadership Award from the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund for his commitment to education. In 2000, he became the 39th recipient of the USO Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Service, and was named Business Leader of the Year by Georgetown University’s School of Business. In 1998 he received the “La Bellissima America” award for his leadership role in preserving the heritage of Italian-Americans, and in 1996, Mr. Grano was a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition of distinguished contributions to our country. Mr. Grano is the author of the book “You Can’t Predict A Hero” which was on BusinessWeek’s best seller list in 2009.