Smart Contract Platform DocTailor Welcomes LDJCapital Chairman in New Advisory Position

LONDON, Feb. 6, 2018 -- Groundbreaking smart legal contract platform DocTailor is pleased to announce that industry expert David Drake is to join the team in an advisory capacity. Founder and Chairman of the New York-based multi-family office LDJ Capital, Drake will be bringing his extensive business and financial knowledge into the blockchain sector, acting as a key advisor to DocTailor as the platform aims to revolutionise the existing smart contract landscape with tailor-made, customised smart contracts created on the blockchain.

With more than 25 years experience in supporting the development of new and emerging technologies, Drake is well placed to join the DocTailor Board of Advisors. Combined with the 10+ years experience in intelligent systems of DocTailor Founder and CEO Sam Enrico Williams, Drake's knowledge of the blockchain revolution is expected to assist the platform in positioning itself as a leading global resource for lawyers, legal professionals, organisations, and individuals with a need for tailored legal documents.

Williams has been amongst the first to welcome Drake to the team, stating that "David's strong business and financial background, coupled with his passion and advocacy for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, will make him a valuable asset to DocTailor". Citing the recent acceleration of crypto business deals, Williams says: '
At this time, especially following the recent introduction of the platform's own token, DOCS, David's experience will be hugely valuable in terms of future growth'.

David Drake, a veteran in the blockchain industry advising over 50 blockchain firms, recognizes what the DocTailor platform offers as the first he has encountered to make optimum use and adoption of smart contracts in the crypto market. He adds, "Advising private capital and public companies and investing in emerging technologies place me in an enviable position to identify and connect innovative solutions with the challenges and gaps in the ecosystem. DocTailor's smart contract solution makes blockchain technology more accessible to the platform users by reducing and yet counter-intuitively optimizing the role of the developers. This pose and offer a huge and astounding benefit to the crypto industry. I welcome the privilege of working with their team to achieve future growth."

As a member of the DocTailor advisory board, Drake is expected to assist in guiding the platform through critical issues while simultaneously expanding the platform's reach through partnership development and improved relations with DOCS holders. Throughout the anticipated increased recognition of DocTailor, Drake's unique expertise will be used to support the ongoing development of the platform. Drake has already acted as a key player for many blockchain-based enterprises on a global scale.

Drake is today considered to be one of the most prominent blockchain-centric advisors, with access to more than 100,000 investors through The Soho Loft Media Group. The group forms just one of Drake's ventures, with others including the Drake Hospitality Group, the LDJ Real Estate Group, and the London-based Victoria Partners family office. Drake's investment advisory firm, LDJ Capital, is currently reported to include more than 50 directors and partners, and maintains relationships with institutions holding assets totalling an estimated $1.5 trillion.

Hailing from a finance, law, and economics background, Drake has maintained a strong political presence over recent years, speaking at the EU Commission and at the UK Parliament, and received an invitation to the White House Champions of Change ceremony. Boasting a particular interest in the area of compliance, Drake's place within the DocTailor team is clear, helping to ensure that users of the platform are provided with access to solid legal clause selection, enabling them to create their own fully customised contracts.

"The entire DocTailor team are excited to welcome David on board and take a fresh look at our growth path through his unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities for crypto platforms such as DocTailor," explains Williams. "We've been impressed with how David has brought new ideas as an advisor to other blockchain-based businesses, and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for DocTailor." Drake also acts as an advisor to energy company WePower, IT firm BLOCKv, and the TESLA Group.

Media Contact:
Dominic Brown