Public Markets Team

Tom Samuelson
Director, Capital Markets (South America)

Tom Samuelson has had a diverse 25+ year career in finance and capital markets. Tom’s extensive experience has touched all aspects of the financial spectrum including asset management, investment banking and wealth management. Tom is recognized by his peers as an expert in developing market economies and has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Tom was a Director for Grow Advisors concentrating on advising Financial Institutions on adapting FINTECH platforms and marketplaces.

As an asset manager for one of the oldest Hedge Funds in the US, Tom led a team of five as head of the Emerging Markets Investment Portfolio. The experience gave him a deep knowledge of all types of business models from all sectors and all stages including SMEs and start-ups. Tom is a pioneer in Frontiermarkets as one of the first foreigners to invest directly into Vietnam, and Central America. His understanding of how financial markets work around the world is un-paralleled.

Tom has founded two hedge funds and was a financial consultant to one of the largest private equity funds in the world. During his career Tom had had senior investment banking roles with Credit Lyonnais/Agricole, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and ING Barings.

Tom holds a BA in economics from Columbia University and is a guest lecturer at NYU Stern School of Business. Tom is a dual EU and US resident.