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Original Gangster League unveils new partnership with Valor Esports to train senior gamers in the esports scene


Original Gangster League and Valor Esports club partnership brings professional esports coaching and education for senior gamers around the world

The Original Gangster League (, the premier esports league for senior gamers globally, enters into a partnership with Valor Esports, an esports club providing holistic coaching and professional training for esports athletes.

In this partnership, OGL and Valor Esports will help train, educate, and coach senior gamers at a professional esports level with gaming tools, both for group and one-on-one interaction.

Valor Esports co-founder Sam Ward said, "Valor Esports is humbled to be partnering with Original Gangster League. It's not very often you get to collaborate with an organization with such an amazing vision to interconnect people, in particular senior gamers. We can't wait to start coaching to contribute to the growth of the senior gamers community and show the esports world what the OGL player is capable of."

Daniel Saito, CEO of OGL, said, "We want to combine inclusivity and innovation by being a platform that encourages the seniors - the grandparents - to participate and learn how to play games just like their children and grandkids. This partnership with Valor Esports can help achieve that as we envision our platform to provide the best experience for the senior gamers."

OGL Chairman David Drake shared his excitement about this partnership. "The esports industry continues to thrive in 2021 with the increase in people tuning into the competitive gaming scene. It's nice to be a part of this initiative that promotes interaction and representation of senior gamers in esports," Drake noted.

Abbe "DieHardBirdie" Borg, the 78-year-old Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) senior champ, is the League Champion for the OGL platform as the team captain of the upcoming "Golden Snipers" team, the first team to be listed on OGL. DieHardBirdie is one of the trailblazing senior gamers known in the esports community today as his former team won the world championship at DreamHack 2019.

Recently, DieHardBirdie was one of the featured gamers in the new
"Gamebreakers" documentary series that streamed on Amazon Prime Video from January 31, 2021. He also appeared in the latest DSCVR Esports episode set to air on tv this 2021.

About Valor Esports (

Valor Esports is an esports club that creates professional esports pathways by fostering a holistic and healthy training environment. By replicating best practices from traditional sports clubs, Valor develops EAthletes into the best competitors they can be through coaching, gaming tools, and education, giving them the best chance to realize their dreams.

Valor provides professional team training or one-on-one coaching led by experts in their specific esports title. Valor's group coaching model focuses on team collaboration and social interaction.

Valor Esports' mission is to provide a holistic approach to esports training. Valor's club integrates health specialists within the coaching team and provides resources to players to learn about mental and physical health. This is done with the belief that to be the best competitor you then need to be a well-rounded human.

Valor Esports is structured to provide the most effective coaching pathway and provide non-professional players with affordable but professional support to realize their dream.

About Original Gangster League (

Original Gangster League (OGL) is the new esports league catering to senior gamers (OGs age 50 and above) globally. As the first gaming and streaming platform made for OGs in the world, OGL envisions building an advocacy platform around the ultimate goal of providing entertainment, fun, socialization, and well-being for this age group. Overall, OGL aims to inspire and bridge generations through gaming and esports for a longer and happier life

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