Mobile Banking Supercharged for the Unbanked by UK challenger banks BAANX and LDJ DIGITAL

LDJ Digital Bank, the brain-child of LDJ Capital Inc. and Share Internet Data Ltd, has inked a partnership with Baanx Group Ltd. London to boost the roster of its mobile banking services for the unbanked.
LONDON - LDJ Digital and Baanx aim to help eradicate all forms of poverty by creating a mobile app that will provide access to financial services in its most basic forms to the unbanked. Baanx's leadership in cryptobanking technologies is central to this strategic partnership. LDJ Digital will launch its first digital banking app towards the end of September 2019.
Baanx Group Ltd. CEO Garth Ben Howat voiced his excitement and support on this upcoming partnership with LDJ Digital. "Following the signed LOI a few months back, we are delighted with the collaboration thus far with LDJ Digital and will be proceeding to seal that LOI as a legally binding long term JV agreement. We're looking forward to participating in the end of September launch of the LDJ Digital app," CEO Howat stated. Baanx Group Limited is a London based group of businesses with fast growing revenues, delivering a range of cutting-edge white-label fiat & cryptobanking services across 30 countries.
"With a roadmap to include free internet accessibility and several unique selling points (USPs), LDJ Digital truly differentiates itself from other mobile banking services and platforms. The Share Internet Data (SID) technology and blockchain technology supporting LDJ Digital make it the most accessible and affordable option for the unbanked younger generation segment of the society," LDJ Digital and LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake said. "Its tagline 'Mobile banking for your generation' says it all. It's for the digital generation with an all-in-one account that holds money and cryptocurrencies and done in their own way."
This upcoming mobile banking app will allow the LDJ Digital account holders to access and trade their digital money and cryptocurrencies with ease. There will be no transaction fees for payment or transfers between fellow LDJ Digital account holders and chances to earn rewards for referrals. It also acts as a debit card where account owners can use to pay for online and store purchases with access through global ATMs.
Most of the modern online banking companies focus on people in the age range of 18 years and above. LDJ Digital promotes financial inclusion and will allow people as young as 16 years old to register for their first account with their mobile banking app. "Free access to the internet opens the floodgates of access to a host of other global resources. Financial inclusion is one of logical results of this. The LDJ Digital ecosystem will be setup to support a robust community that embraces educational, social, and financial inclusion among others," LDJ Digital CEO Jose Merino added.
In a recent report by The Sun, there are currently around 1.5 million people in the United Kingdom are considered unbanked or those who do not have a standard current account. The initial roll out of the LDJ Digital banking app will start across the European Economic Area (EEA) and will continue its expansion from there. The EEA is identified as the second biggest global market region behind the US market according to the Global News Wire recent report.
The first respondents in the waitlist of the digital banking app will be given priority access. Registered members will be able to create their own online banking account in just three minutes. The members will have access to an account supporting multiple foreign currencies like USD, Euro, and GBP and various cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, and more. The members will also have the privilege of using the associated debit card for shopping in stores and online stores around the world.

About Baanx Group Limited
Baanx Group Ltd has developed a white-label fiat & cryptobanking platform for banking. The service is creating an alternative financial network designed to return value to user communities from traditional financial services. Baanx delivers cutting-edge services that are better, lower cost, and launching white-label mobile banks in days instead of the months and years of traditional banks and fintech. This makes it easily accessible for communities of both the unbanked and HNWs / professionals alike.
Baanx builds each of their clients branded mobile applications complete with bank accounts, debit cards, digital asset wallets, crypto-exchange and optional additional services including lending, investments and FX.
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  • About LDJ Digital

    LDJ Digital, the financial inclusion trademark of Share Internet Data (SID) Ltd based out of London, is building a global ecosystem platform focused primarily on social and financial inclusion. Its  internet sharing Stellar based technology is already in the market place as a first step of providing users free or affordable internet access as part of the companies' social inclusion program. Expending currently further into provisioning of free or affordable access to digital banking is the logical next step in the companies' financial inclusion program.

    Future roadmap expansion considers also educational inclusion and other such social impact programs as a natural long term fit in the LDJ Digital ecosystem platform

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