November 17, 2017News

LDJCapital Chairman joins ex NYSE, Euronext, and Singularity Uni members as ChainTrade advisor?

  • Crypto Advisor David Drake joins Inserviss with its Setcoin verified cryptocurrency Powered by Blockchain
    Inserviss Platform is a global service marketplace that connects service providers (barbers, nail and hair care specialists, massage specialists, dentists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, private tutors, teachers, personal trainers, etc) and customers online.

    Inserviss allows service providers to create profiles, publish their services, list their offers and prices, setup their working time for scheduling, manage orders by CRM, track their revenue, carry out promotions and loyalty campaigns, and get feedback from customers.

    For customers, it enables to find services near their location, research service providers profiles, book a job order or service, book their preferred, and make payments through the online platform.

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    Unparalleled Expertise in the Blockchain

    Through this vast network, ChainTrade is excited to leverage Mr. Drake’s global expertise in investing and the blockchain. Bringing together like-minded individuals and thought leaders will allow ChainTrade to raise further funds for its ongoing ICO, which ends Dec 16.

    As recognized expert in blockchain implementations, Mr. Drake and his firm will act as a guide for ChainTrade through this next crucial phase. He will also help connect ChainTrade with other institutional investors and experts on compliance, regulation, and exchange trading.

    “I have worked with a number of successful digital assets and tokens now, and I believe that ChainTrade is uniquely positioned to help redraw the lines of the commodities market. It’s clear to me that there’s some very real interest in this project among investors. It’s going to be exciting to watch it come to fruition next spring with the public launch of the platform,” said David Drake.

    “Vincent is a very insightful leader, and as far as I have seen, ChainTrade is one of the blockchain ideas I am most excited about. I’m looking forward to helping Vincent and his team as they seek further venture funding for the project.”

    A firm believer in the power of digital automation, Mr. Drake is a pioneer in the fields of technology, media, and telecommunications. He has represented the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome and was invited to the White House Champions of Change ceremony. He has also spoken to the UK Parliament.

    About ChainTrade

    As the world’s first blockchain commodity trading platform, ChainTrade is positioned to help revolutionize a $2 trillion market by decentralizing trading and lowering fees for traders. At the moment, a few powerful exchanges charge high fees and give some investors preferred terms. ChainTrade will drive down these fees by more than half, and throw open the doors to investors and traders anywhere around the globe.

    ChainTrade founder and CEO Vincent Jacques brings a unique combination of skill and experience to his team. A successful entrepreneur and expert in the field of AI, his previous startup Planorama successfully grew to a $25 million valuation.

    Potential investors can visit now to explore purchases of ChainTrade tokens.