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Korea Social Development Grand Prize 2023 Recipient is David Drake of LDJ Capital


David Drake, Founder and Principal of LDJ Capital, received the 2023 Korea Social Development Grand Prize Award in Seoul

Innovators, industry experts, business executives, and professionals gathered in Seoul, South Korea to receive the 2023 Social Development Grand Prize Award last June 23, 2023, held at the Korea Press Center.

LDJ Capital Founder and Principal David Drake was named one of the awardees of the 2023 Social Development Grand Prize. David received the award for being a financial innovator with his efforts for several years in contributing to the Korean private equity and venture capital scene. He has helped many technology and innovation companies with one of them leading to a partnership with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. LDJ Capital is a single-family office that invests in multiple industries such as blockchain technology, pre IPOs, life sciences, and more.

"It is a great honor to be recognized for this management award and to receive this Grand Prize award for our work in financial innovation. Thank you to the Korea Social Development Award ceremony organizers and committee for this recognition together with the other winners who are remarkable and doing stellar work in their respective industries. South Korea is a dynamic and innovative nation and has been a powerhouse in the advancement of modern technology in Asia and in the world. I am looking forward to working with leading experts in creating innovative solutions not only for the development of the economy in Korea and Asia but on a global scale," Drake said.

The 2023 Social Development Grand Prize is awarded to individuals who are dedicated, responsible, and have played a role in the greater good and the development of the national economy through their excellent leadership and expertise in their fields. Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) Chairman Sang Ryul Ryu, KBT Microbiome Chairman Young Kwam Song, and one of the event's organizers and Gimpo Industrial Development CEO Hyung Bong Kim were also present at the event.

Some of the 2023 Social Development Grand Prize winners are Gyeongju City Director of Culture and Tourism Bureau Won-cheol Park, Public Information Officer Chul-yong Yoon, and Public Information Team Leader Dae-ki Sohn. The other awardees came from these divisions: Administrative Division, Culture and Arts Division, Customer Satisfaction Division, Education Division, Future Management Division, Innovative Management Division, Medical Division, National Contribution Division, Parliamentary Division, Social Contribution Division, and more.

The event's hosts are Korea Celebrity Forum, Korea Press Association, and Sunday News. Some of the event's sponsors include Sunday Times Gyeongin Maeil, Gyeongin Maeil TV, Federation of Korean Industries, and Newsgram.

About LDJ Capital
LDJ Capital is a single family office that invests in real estate, hospitality, tech, telecom, mobile, entertainment, media, gaming, fintech, insurance, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, and life sciences. The firm has a robust presence worldwide and a keen interest in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

LDJ Capital has three subdivisions: LDJ Capital Group, LDJ Real Estate Group, and The Soho Loft Media Group.

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