Jim Rogers and Founder of LDJCapital ASIA News and Investment Updates

By Editorial Staff

November 7, 2019

A veteran investor will tell you that the key to a great investment is in knowing the best deals in the market. Getting inside the workings of new firms and markets, emerging technologies and industries and being able to skillfully and intuitively sift the gold from the dirt is where the rubber meets the road for veteran investors. Jim Rogers is one such investor who is the epitome of an American businessman with vast connections to global funds. He is now based in Singapore after he left the US as the co-founder of the Soros Fund Management.


David Drake was with Jim Rogers (third from the left) at Nasdaq September 2019 while he was interviewing innovators like inTheSmart Founder Dr Lee (second from left) and USA CEO Ms Lee (far right).

David Drake of LDJ Capital in New York is cut from the same mold. Just like Jim Rogers, David Drake is an American financier who does not manage hundreds of billions let alone trillions of dollars. Yet his family office based in Florida and New York manages his own capital and have decades of history investing with other families and institutions around the globe.

LDJ Capital works on a daily basis with institutions and funds that manage a combined asset worth more than a trillion dollars at any given time. Some of the institutions they work with, to name a few, are: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Temasek, Bank of China, Blackrock, Qatar Investment Authority. These relationships are maintained daily with LDJ Capital executives and directors with a few of the directors being principals of family offices themselves.

Over 112 articles outlines LDJ Capital's well documented accomplishments from, but not limited to, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, and Financial Times (see
https://ldjcapital.com/articles and https://www.huffpost.com/author/david-drake). In addition, his media investments at DigitalInnovators.tv regularly record and air financial content from NYC at New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, CNN and Fox Business.