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David Drake spoke at the McKinsey event on AI, Blockchain, and DeFi in a borderless economy

LDJ Capital

Silvio Micali of Algorand will speak in the upcoming round of McKinsey AI/Disruption 2.0 virtual series

Blockchain companies, entrepreneurs, startups, and expert analysts will convene for the upcoming AI/Disruption 2.0 Speaker webinar series organized by McKinsey & Company on January 7, 2021.
David Drake, Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group, spoke about DeFi (decentralized finance) at the previous McKinsey webinar event last September 23, 2020. He said, "There has been ongoing activity concerning digital assets and cryptocurrencies as we are facing this pandemic. I think more people are looking into these investments as numerous lockdowns are being imposed globally. This may be an indication that companies and investments may turn things around during this COVID-19 pandemic."
Along with Algorand's founder Silvio Micali, here are some of the notable guest speakers in the January 7 webinar:
Hany Farid, Professor, University of California, BerkeleyHao Li, CEO, PinscreenMike Beck, Global CISO, DarktraceNicole Eagan, Chief Strategy & AI Officer, DarktraceSusan Athey, Professor, Stanford University
The multiple monthly webinar sessions started in October 2020 and will continue until February 2021. The topics for discussion include the role of AI in revolutionizing cybersecurity, blockchain 2.0, and the building blocks of a borderless economy, quantum computing, and the criminal justice system and AI.
About LDJ Capital
LDJ Capital is a multi-family office that invests and manages investments for partners and clients in the areas of payment processing, hospitality, real estate, tech, telecom, mobile, entertainment, media, and recently digital assets, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
LDJ Cayman Fund is focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. The firm is involved in asset management and market-making of cryptocurrency from, but not limited to, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.
LDJ Capital has three subdivisions:
1. LDJ Capital Group: Victoria Partners, LDJ Venture Capital, LDJ Capital Advisory, and LDJ Cayman Fund2. LDJ Real Estate Groups: Acquisitions, Development, and Hospitality in New York City3. The Soho Loft Media Group: Times Impact Publications, The Soho Loft Conferences, and Victoria Global Communications. Times Impact Publications include the digital publications: The Soho Loft News and Family Offices Today