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How Crypto Events Present Opportunities for ICO Projects

David Drake

Increasingly, conferences revolving around blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being held more often in different parts of the world. On average, at least ten crypto events take place every month around the globe. These events present unique opportunities for startups in the cryptocurrency space, especially initial coin offering (ICO) companies.
During such events, companies such as Qupon, Gath3r, HFC Coin, and BQT can share their blockchain backed innovations in the finance sector to potential investors. But it is not just innovations in this sector that can ride of cryptocurrency and blockchain events to catapult themselves to success.
Social interactions are a critical part of life today. Viable blockchain-based projects such as ONe Network, URAllowance, Noiz Chain and IOU can capture the interest of investors as well.

By attending blockchain or cryptocurrency events, ICO companies get access to wonderful opportunities to share their ideas and establish relationships with potential partners. As such, ICO issuers should try as much as possible to participate in crypto events that present the best chances of building connections to ensure such opportunities do not pass them.
Strong connections or relationships that are established with other crypto businesses and significant players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space can become starting points for building vital partnerships that leverage ICO companies and enable them to move forward to success. Reginald Ringgold, CEO of Blockvest attests that crypto events provide a great forum for networking.
He says, “They are also great opportunities to network with other projects that might have synergies with your vision and can literally improve your ecosystem. I know this personally. We have made most of our partnerships from the networking and Keynote Speeches we have done at Blockchain Conferences.”

Crypto events present opportunities to engage with crypto community members. According to Ringgold, cryptocurrency events create a conducive environment for ICO issuers to interact with others in the cryptocurrency community.
He says, “They are tremendous opportunities to spread trust and raise community awareness of your project. It shows your community that you are active and vocal in the Blockchain sector.”
Such engagements can help the ICO issuers determine better ways of developing and marketing their ICOs. Also, networking with the greater crypto community can go a long way in enabling startups to cement their presence within the cryptocurrency space while gathering new ideas on blockchain technologies that could be useful, in future, during ICO project implementation.

Market Possibilities
Some ICO companies do not have efficient ways of marketing their projects. In such situations, cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences can come in handy as spaces for meeting audiences that have a common interest in cryptocurrencies. Such events provide various channels of collecting social media forums and contacts for potential investors to which ICO companies can promote their products and services, enabling them to take off.
Crypto events have exhibition spaces where ICO companies can showcase their products to investors and other attendees. On these spaces, persons who have questions about specific ICOs can get their questions answered. Even so, the extent to which concerns raised by potential investors are addressed determines how successful ICO companies are at accessing funding.
In such events, possibilities of new clients incorporating viable blockchain products in their companies after experiencing them firsthand is also quite high. According to Joseph Oreste, founder and CEO of Qupon, providing a forum for upcoming companies and investors would be of utmost importance.
He says, “In addition to providing the established community members a place to share ideas and build relationships, It would be great if many of the conferences had an ICO/investor side of it for emerging companies so investors can meet these select companies.”
Oreste further proposes Qupon as an ideal platform for the cryptomarket. “Many of these platforms success will come from having applications like Qupon running on their platform. It is applications like Qupon that will bring consumers and capital into the crypto space,” he adds.
The success of ICOs in raising funds and subsequent adoption by organizations largely depends on how well issuers take advantage of crypto events around the globe. Networking and marketing in these events can play a big role in communicating the value of ICO products or services, and how they can benefit potential investors.

Disclaimer: David Drake is on the advisory board for most of the firms mentioned or quoted in this article.