From New York & Dubai to the Land of the Morning Calm: LDJ Capital expands with LDJ Korea

From New York & Dubai to the Land of the Morning Calm: LDJ Capital expands with LDJ Koreai

LDJ Capital, a multi-family office with an international presence in dozens of industries, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea.

The LDJ Capital executive team looks to the future as the company achieves another milestone with the opening of its doors to East Asia. "LDJ Korea is our platform for making investments into Korean public and private companies through private equity, project financing, and public equity. We are active investors and we will help companies in South Korea to grow on a global basis using the LDJ Capital access out of NY, London, and Dubai," said Chairman David Drake.

LDJ Capital acts as the gateway to access capital, channel growth, and connect partnerships through its global infrastructure with presence in dozens of key cities and countries.

LDJ Capital operates from the Americas, Europe, and Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi with involvement in buy-side and sell-side advisory and project financing for the infrastructure, medical, pharmaceutical, tech, retail, banking, and real estate industries.

LDJ Korea is currently working with some of the biggest institutions in South Korea and looking into more projects not just in Korea but also in nearby regions.

About LDJ Capital

LDJ Capital is a multi-family office that invests and manages co-investments in the areas of hospitality, real estate, infrastructure, tech, telecom, mobile, media, digital assets and fintech globally.

LDJ Cayman Fund is focused on offshores venture capital investments. The firm is involved in asset management and market-making from, but not limited to, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.

LDJ Capital has three subdivisions:

1. LDJ Capital Group: Victoria Partners, LDJ Venture Capital, LDJ Capital Advisory, and LDJ Cayman Fund.

2. LDJ Real Estate Group: Acquisitions, Debt & Mezzanine financing, Developments, and Hospitality in the US and Europe.

3. The Soho Loft Media Group: Times Impact Publications, The Soho Loft Conferences, and Victoria Global Communications. Times Impact Publications include the digital publications: The Soho Loft News and Family Offices Today.

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