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Financial inclusion for the unbanked - is DeFi the key for progress? Answers in the DeFi & NFT Summit 2021


The Soho Loft Media Group supports the upcoming DeFi & NFT Summit 2021 to be hosted by Catherine Ross of BeInCrypto and Sergey Sevantsyan of Cellframe

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, economists, liquidity providers, C-level suite executives, blockchain enthusiasts, industry leaders, and more will join Financial inclusion for the unbanked - is DeFi the key for progress? Answers in the DeFi & NFT Summit 2021happening this June 10 to 11, 2021, organized by Digital Summit.
David Drake, Chairman and founder of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group, expresses support for the event. "As the world economy is working towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, technology and the global market are constantly evolving with the development of new tokens, new systems, decentralized finance projects, and more. It's amazing to see how we innovate finance and other industries," Drake said.
Some of the featured speakers in the event include: Amrita Sethi, Digital and NFT artistAnatoly Yakovenko, CEO, SolanaCarl Martin "The Moon," Cryptocurrency analystFelix Mago, Co-founder, Dash NEXTIsaac Rodgin, Head of Business Development, Fuse.ioJeremy Roma, Co-founder, D.AI.SYPranav Maheshwari, Solutions Engineer, The GraphPeter M. Jensen, CEO, RocketFuelStani Kulechov, CEO and founder, AAVETejas Chopra, Senior software engineer, Netflix

The two-day virtual event will feature presentations from the speakers that will cover eight core topics: DeFi and blockchain games, DeFi exchanges, DeFi financial inclusion, DeFi products, DeFi Projects 2021, global tokenization, legacy and regulation, and venture investments. The live event will have translations from English to Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.
D.AI.SY serves as the summit's general sponsor with other sponsors including NiceCash and Diamond Hands. DAO Consensus Business Network, BitCloutStars Media Agency, GooooUp, and ManGo Trade are some of the summit's partner companies. Some of the summit's participating companies are AAVE, Dash, Fuse, Netflix, The Graph, RocketFuel, and Solana. Some of the media partners of this summit include Bitnews Today, Bitcoin News Network, Block Tides, Cryptopolitan, Digital Expert, Securities.io, ThinkTank Community, and The Soho Loft Media Group.

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