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LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake keynotes at the Startup Summit organized by the International Trade Council


LDJ Capital’s David Drake will speak at the International Trade Council Virtual StartUp Summit with Chris Joyce, Max Menke, and more

By: LDJ Capital

Entrepreneurs, startup ventures, investors, marketing managers, incubators, government officials, and thought leaders around the world will attend the upcoming virtual StartUp Summit organized by the International Trade Council from January 19 to 21, 2021.

David Drake, Chairman and Founder of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group, will be in attendance and will be one of the keynote speakers in the virtual event. "The esports industry is, arguably, one of the most profitable markets during this pandemic, being valued for over $1 billion. I see that blockchain can bridge the gap between online and offline assets of players and game creators in this industry, and it can greatly improve content delivery networks and increase the demand on esports content across different platforms," Drake said.

Together with David Drake, here are some of the speakers in this online event:

Adam R. Bialek, Partner, Wilson Elser
Chad Stender, Managing Director, SeventySix Capital
Chris Joyce, Founder & CEO, Gusher
Derek Distenfield, COO & Co-founder, GSD Venture Studios
Gary Mandell, President, Meridian Finance Group
James York, Director of US Business & Innovation, Enterprise Estonia
Max Menke, Founding Partner, GrowthX
Meera Tenguria, Founder & CEO, Aarohan Communications
Oscar A. Jofre, Co-founder, President, & CEO, KoreConX
Reginald Heard, Founder & CEO, Bankers One Capital

The three-day online conference will feature keynote speeches, over 200 pre-recorded presentations, 1-on-1 discussions and panel discussions, and networking opportunities for more than 3,000 attendees. Some of the key topics include blockchain's role in the content delivery networks (CDNs) in the esports industry, funding landscape for startups, business opportunities in different countries, growth for startups, maximizing business experiences, and more.

Aarohan Communications, Bankers One Capital, Core Partners, Deloitte, GrowthX, IBS Global Consulting, LDJ Capital, and Patent Outsourcing Limited are some of the virtual event's partners. Some of the event's sponsors include ACCEL Corporation, Applied Internet Technology, Instant Autographs, Jobian, Solv Advisors, Wiki Expert, and Yokahu.

About LDJ Capital
LDJ Capital is a multi-family office that invests and manages investments for partners and clients in the areas of payment processing, hospitality, real estate, tech, telecom, mobile, entertainment, media, and recently digital assets, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

LDJ Cayman Fund is focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. The firm is involved in asset management and market-making of cryptocurrency from, but not limited to, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.

LDJ Capital has three subdivisions:

1. LDJ Capital Group: Victoria Partners, LDJ Venture Capital, LDJ Capital Advisory, and LDJ Cayman Fund

2. LDJ Real Estate Groups: Acquisitions, Development, and Hospitality in New York City.

3. The Soho Loft Media Group: Times Impact Publications, The Soho Loft Conferences, and Victoria Global Communications. Times Impact Publications include the digital publications: The Soho Loft News and Family Offices Today.

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