Diamonds & Gold - Metal Commodities Team

Stephane BoudonDirector, Renewable Energy (Paris, Luxembourg, Sao Paolo, Dubai)
Stephane built and set up these programs globally in the last few decades with 900MW of renewable energy creation. His work is heavily focused on impact-conscious family offices working with LDJ Capital. Akuo Investment Management is a Luxembourg-based asset manager specialized in renewable energy investments. As such, it manages private equity mutual funds that provide our investors access to diversified portfolios of renewable energy assets and are regulated by the CSSF. Akuo Investment Management develops its funds based on regional considerations, matching our investors’ goals to projects developed by Akuo Energy and other proven developers in Europe, North America, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Akuo Investment S.C.A. SICAR was created in 2008 under the laws of Luxembourg. The fund is managed by Akuo Investment Management SA and aims to invest in a portfolio of renewable energy assets in the European Union 27. The Fund looked after investment opportunities in Project Companies that have cleared all development stage risk, i.e. in projects that have secured all licenses, authorizations, and industrial contracts. The Fund avoided development risk due to its unpredictable nature; however, construction risk has been accepted because it is well controlled and it offers attractive returns. The Fund is fully invested as of the end of 2012. FIP EcoSolaire & FIP EcoPlanète. In 2009, Akuo Investment Management became the exclusive advisor for FIP Ecosolaire and FIP Ecoplanète, two funds managed by Oddo Asset Management, a first-class independent asset manager in France and in Europe. Oddo provides private and institutional clients with conviction-driven investment strategies covering major asset classes, open funds, and dedicated mandates. Investments are subject to rigorous and permanent risk controls at every level. FIP (Fonds d’Investissement de Proximité) are mutual funds for development of the regional economy. This type of fund invests at least 60% of the sums collected in regionally-based enterprises, of which at least 10% go to new firms (less than five years old). The other 40% may be invested in financial instruments authorized by regulatory authorities, for example in shares or investment funds. In order to be eligible for tax benefits, the aforementioned minimum levels of 10% and 60% must be met within two financial years and the investor must retain its investment units for at least five years. However, the optimum duration is usually longer than this and is aligned with other Akuo Investment Management Funds. Akuo Investment Management advised and provided deal flow and analysis to the Oddo teams during the investment period of the FIPs. The FIP Ecoplanète fund is based on principles similar to those of FIP Ecosolaire's terms of underlying assets. The subscribers are however of a different nature, targeting individuals looking to benefit from wealth tax reduction incentives (FIP ISF). These Funds are fully invested as of end 2011 and are now managed by IDinvest Partenaires Akuo Investment SIF II Europe & Akuo Investment SIF II Americas. Akuo Investment SIF II Europe is established in 2013 for the purpose of (i) investing in renewable energy infrastructure assets that exhibit no technology risk and no development risk, (ii) investing in already operating renewable energy production plants in Europe (EU27) at large (Switzerland, Turkey…), (iii) possibly marginally investing in development companies directly but only if already operating assets. The Fund targets infrastructure projects in renewable energy assets in the following sectors: Wind Farms, Solar Plants, Biomass/Biogas plants, and Small Hydro. Akuo Investment SIF II Europe is sponsored by the French Family Office COGEPA and a product directed toward Family Offices in search for asset-based recurrent cash flows with very limited management fees. Akuo Investment SIF II Americas has a similar profile and different currency and geography: USD and Americas. Green Islands SICAV/SIF. The Green Islands SICAV/SIF targets investments in renewable energy projects located in geographically isolated regions such as islands and off-grid communities. 100 % of the Fund will be invested in Solar projects. Eligible projects will be in the late development stage, ready for construction or operational. No early development risk will be taken. 
Thomas de ShazoGlobal Managing Director, Oil, Metals & Mining, Real Estate (LA) Thomas De Shazo specializes in deal flow generation in technology startups or natural resources sector; development and financing of brown and greenfield entities as well as cross-border acquisitions. He can easily organize a team of financial, operational and legal management experts to conduct due diligence, structure, finance, acquire and operate. Since 2013, Thomas is the CEO of MineInvest Resources LLC, which finances companies with significant world-class mining properties. In the same year, he started as Director of Avira Energy Inc., a company that supplies turnkey alternate energy solutions. He was also the President of Avira Sciences (TTDC BIO S.a.r.l.)from 2005 to 2013. Avira Sciences is a drug and therapeutic life science company.  Prior to becoming President, he served as Director of TTDC BIO S.a.r.l. (dba of Avira Sciences) from 2005 to 2012. Earlier, he served as Director of QS Analytics Inc for 2 years and 7 months. Thomas is the Director of Mobile Interactive Media Inc. for 6 years, from 2006 to July 2012. Mobile Interactive Media makes possible the diverse interactive services on cell phones. Thomas also served as President of Technology and Development Company in Bermuda for 12 years, EurEastCo Ltd. in Cyprus for 11 years, Capital and Commerce International – US Delaware for 15 years, commuting from New York, Moscow, Kiev, St.Petersburg, AlmatyAt Technology Development Company, his TTDC team developed a diverse portfolio of technologies in the fields of cell and gene therapies, nano-technologies, pharmaceuticals, optics fuel cell, and syngas. He co-founded IEC that designed, manufactured prototypes, and operated small-scale steam-powered generating systems. While in Euro East Co Ltd, he obtained and developed commercial properties with tenants The World Bank, the European and Novosibirsk.Bank of Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), Merrill Lynch, USAID, and the U.S. Embassy. He opened the world’s leading Hugo Boss store on Stary Arbat in Moscow, Russia. As President of Capital and Commerce International – U.S. Delaware, he made possible the export of stable and radioisotopes to Europe and the U.S. for medical imaging diagnostics, as well as for US companies to have co-operational control with MinAtom of the BR 10 fast neutron breeder reactor for treating human inoperable brain tumors. In 1996, he foundedEcolo Holding Ltd. in Cyprus. He became its Vice-Chairman – Director for 5 years. He acquired the oil production field of Karazahnbasmunigaz (Nations Energy Co. Ltd.) in Kazakhstan in 1997 and then sold in 2006 to China’s CINOC-group for more than US $ 1.9 billion. He obtained his degree in Business/Managerial Economics from Harvard College, Boise State University.