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CS:GO Champion DieHardBirdie Shares Thoughts on Bridging the Old and New Generations Through Esports

By: The Soho Loft Media Group for DSCVR

Meet the oldest CS:GO World Champ "DieHardBirdie" as he shares how playing video games and participating in eSports can empower senior citizens

New York, March 10, 2020 -- The “Fastest Fingers in the West” and the oldest Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO) Champion Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg will appear on the latest episode of DSCVR, a 30-minute mixed-format TV and video show produced by The Soho Loft Productions. The interview will be filmed in Nasdaq Studios and hosted by David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group.
The 78-year-old eSports champ was a member of the Silver Snipers, an elite team of five senior CS:GO players who are over the age of 60. His team snagged the Senior World Championship in the game besting Finland last July 2019.
"I can tell you that playing video games made me the Fastest Fingers in the West. I am learning a great deal from the young generation. Bagging the championship was just the cherry on top, interacting and connecting with the youth is my greatest reward," DieHardBirdie noted.
David Drake, the host of DSCVR, shares how Abbe’s efforts help bridge the gap between the older and the younger generations through eSports and games. “Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world right now with over 250 million people playing it and the industry is predicted to double in the coming years. He reminds us that we may have this huge divide because of technology but we don’t need to have it anymore. Technology should bring us closer, not apart.”
DieHardBirdie encourages his fellow grandparents, parents, and senior citizens to play the game and spend more time with their family through video games. He also noted how his reflexes got faster and how his hand-eye coordination improved 10 times better.
“Those who are in their 40s and 50s and the senior citizens are preoccupied with a lot of issues in the world and they missed the positive social impact of video gaming. I am trying to get my son and daughter to play with me. Of course, they can’t beat me because I am too quick and sharp,” DieHardBirdie added.

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