Commercial Credit Team

Christopher Perez
Managing Director, Commercial Lending (New York, Philadelphia)

Christopher Perez joined LDJ Capital as Managing Director in 2015 to run global lending strategies under the Commercial Lending division which covers commercial real estate loans, business loans and consumer loans. Christopher Perez is a successful executive/serial entrepreneur with over 25+ years of business experience. He was the founder of one of the largest national wholesale commercial loan firms in the US with 17,000+ brokers and over a billion dollars in small balance closed loans. He is a freelance financial industry writer for several publications and been quoted in many articles and books on the subject of commercial lending.

In addition, he has written an acclaimed comprehensive training program for residential brokers looking to branch out into commercial-loan origination.

In 2014 his guide has been transformed into a comprehensive online training portal with videos, modules, and a certification process called Oceanview Professional Loan Training. He has been a commercial loan consultant for many organizations throughout the years. He co-created two lending technologies that are patent pending for online marketplaces and mobile applications.

Currently Perez is the CEO of Lendersbridge Technologies, LLC, a Fintech lending solutions company, co-founded with Pavonis Group, a commercial real estate technology management firm. He is also chairman of Drexel Brothers, LLC a commercial loan finance company. “We are going to transform the face of lending here in the US and globally, and in some cases instantly using your smartphone, tablet or mobile device. Drexel Lendersbridge, with our partners at Pavonis Group are the future of lending,” says Perez.

His hobbies include freelance writing, film and music production, travel, working out, bicycling, and spending time with his family. He currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife and 4 children.

Jorge Newbery
Director, Distressed Asset Financing (Chicago)

As American Homeowner Preservation’s CEO, Jorge Newbery works to create meaningful social and financial returns for investors, while keeping families in their homes.

Jorge founded American Homeowner Preservation in 2008 as a remedy for the nation’s mortgage crisis with a mission to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Jorge moved the company from Cincinnati to Chicago in 2011, and in 2013 transitioned to a crowdfunding platform that allows investors to pool their money and invest in distressed mortgages online.

Jorge has 24 years experience in the real estate industry, founded a successful mortgage company, Sunset Mortgage in 1992 and has also been a principal in development, brokerage, and property management firms. He holds a real estate broker’s license and Series 65 securities license. He began acquiring distressed real estate in 1992 and amassed a portfolio of over 4,000 multifamily units nationwide. Jorge draws on his extensive experience to lead AHP’s mission to facilitate win-win-win solutions for homeowners, investors and lenders, and regularly contributes to Huffington Post and other publications as a thought leader in the real estate and crowdfunding industries.