Are Job markets less Globalised than Assumed? Facts in this Cascais meeting

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group, speaks at the Horasis Global Meeting in Cascais, Portugal organized by Horasis

Ministers, government and business leaders will converge on April 6-9, 2019 at the Estoril Congress Centre in Cascais, Portugal for this much-anticipated global gathering.

LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake is one of the panelists. More recently, David Drake is also seen as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He saw the value of digital assets when it was still unpopular. It all started in 2011 when Drake collaborated on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all ICOs. He runs a $200M LDJ Cayman Fund focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. LDJ Capital Credit also offers middle market bridge financing to seed upcoming ICOs. Previously, he held a majority stake as a Managing Partner with Robert Hambrecht in an Alternative Energy Fund NewCommons Capital 2009-2010.

Drake says, “This yearly gathering serves as a platform to foster cooperation between global leaders so that they can address critical issues and formulate a blueprint for sustainable growth.”

The four-day meeting will feature panel discussions. Discussions on this year’s meeting will center on the theme - catalysing the benefits of globalization. Some of the topics, curated by Oxford Analytica, include: US politics will weigh on transport infrastructure, political awareness among voters can drive populism, how to further embrace a culture of venture capital across countries and regions, job markets are less globalised than assumed, and brexit threatens future Irish-UK relations.

The other event speakers include:

Ann Winblad, Managing Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
Brian A. Gallagher, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Way Worldwide
Esko Aho, Chairman, Cinia Oy; Former Prime Minister
Galia Benartzi, Co-Founder, Bancor
Jalak Jobanputra, Founder and Managing Partner, FuturePerfect Ventures
John Armah, Chief Executive Officer, Orios Group
Lina Saigol, Senior Reporter, Barron's Group
Nandini Sukumar, Chief Executive Officer, The World Federation of Exchanges
Raphael Fraga, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ita Capital
Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute

The event is held in partnership with the Portuguese government and the City of Cascais.

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