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78-year old Pro Gamer DieHardBirdie and Rumble Gaming Take a Stand against Ageism and Sexism in Esports

By: The Soho Loft Media Group

Abbe "DieHardBirdie" Borg together with his talent agency Rumble Gaming support the anti-ageism and anti-sexism movements in esports

Senior gamer, Abbe Borg, known as "DieHardBirdie", and Rumble Gaming are taking a stand against harassment and ageism in esports. Numerous professionals from the gaming industry came forward and shared their experiences of sexual harassment, abuse, and gender discrimination on social media and were met with an outpouring of support from the gaming community.
Ageism has also been a prevalent concern in the gaming industry. The stereotype that most of the "tech-savvy" are coming from the younger generation must be addressed, as no one - regardless of age - should be discouraged from picking up the controller.
Abbe Borg said, "Respect is earned and not given. I am sad and disappointed to hear about these allegations and I stand with the community in making sure that the gaming industry is a safe haven for everyone. I commend those involved for their bravery and hope that these movements will have a great impact not only on the gaming community but on other industries as well."

Abbe Borg - DieHardBirdie LOGO

Abbe Borg - DieHardBirdie LOGO

He added, "As a veteran gamer, playing in my 70s, I believe that age has no bearing when it comes to esports. We should celebrate the wisdom gained from years of experience instead of criticizing it."
"Harassment in any form is never acceptable. Neither is gender discrimination and age prejudice. We are one with the gaming community and denounce these despicable acts directed at our gaming professionals," says Rumble Gaming President Evan Kubes.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) World Champion Abbe Borg recently partnered with leading gaming consulting agency, Rumble Gaming. The partnership aims to highlight DieHardBirdie's brand and talent with the help of Rumble Gaming's esports expertise.

About DieHardBirdie

Abbe Borg, best known as "DieHardBirdie," is a Sweden-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) senior world champion at 78 years old. Abbe is tagged as Birdie because of his talent in mimicking bird calls and sounds by whistling with a leaf or other materials. Abbe is an art lover and fond of origami. We can often find him creating interesting sculptures out of old books and crafting beautiful paper flowers for his family and new friends and acquaintances when not video gaming.

DieHardBirdie can be reached at .moc.liamg%40eidribdraheid

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Rumble Gaming is a full-service esports and gaming company, offering talent management, legal and marketing services, as well as access to a fully integrated media platform and distribution network. As a talent agency, Rumble bridges the gap between brands and the esports/gaming ecosystem by facilitating partnership opportunities and creating authentic marketing activations. Through its media platform access, it has a content distribution network bolstered across the spheres of digital and linear media which, coupled with production studios in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, uniquely positions Rumble Gaming to help create and disseminate content.

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